Strangers astray

Posted by saadhak131 in Apr 17, 2013, under Post transfiguration

  Standing at the very next end of the beach, the man was in a conversation with himself. His wrinkled forehead and resisting eyelids spoke of the interruption that the sun was making. The man had a strange look on his face. A look that might as well, be regarded self-indulgent. He was a young man. Younger than I was. A carefree immaturity emanated from his body-language. This was on my left. On my left, the story was simpler.

  On the other side, there stood a lady with a hat on her head. Her eyes were very searching and curious. It is intriguing how I had never seen such calmly-curious eyes. They were comfortably fixed yet actively travelling. The lines on her face were evidence to all the experiences that her journey had bestowed. It was capturing. From behind the glares, her pair of eyes closely inspecting the other end of the sky’s collision with the earth. She sat neatly on the sandy surface, closer to me than the gentleman on my left. I was in need of company. So could I find that in the lady on my right? Who had seen the various walks of life. Who had seen things grow and seen them wither. And who was a witness to ‘change’. Or could it be the man on my left? The raw young man who was yet to witness the different shades of emotions, of relations, of toil and of a search.

  My mind was playing cruel tricks. I was raided by a myriad of probable thoughts regarding the two people around me. And then from an unknown origin a sight caught my attention. To my west was a bridge. Upon which a train had just settled. My eyes were as if paralyzed. Fixed on the bridge.

  I thought to myself about the luxury of being self-indulged. Now I was offering myself choices. One was to approach the woman, the second was to approach the young man and the last was to analyze all that I could about the stationed train. I took my time and relaxed myself and lay back on the surface. There was something very comforting in the way the sand received me. Soon it was all a haze and then a blur of darkness. When my trance was ruptured an ocean of light forced its way into my eyes. By the time my sight accepted of dominance of light, I realized that a lot had changed. The elderly lady was gone. The young man was gone. The train too had escaped. Only the bridge stood where it had. Just the way it always had.

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Towards your way

Posted by saadhak131 in Apr 17, 2013, under Post transfiguration

A dust-laden photo-frame lying on the desk stares at me with pity. Your face shines with the same innocence though. And then the mirror, facing which is so hard now. Shallow eyes stare from across the screen to drink the fallen face.The hair-clip you kept on the shelf one night remains kept there. Like a coveted trophy probing proudly that you, here in this room, once stood.

The radio sings our song. So many dances to recall. A coffee mug rests on the window sill. Almost like a permanent resident. Accustomed by now to the showers of July and the dust of March.

Once in a while the door is knocked upon and the head begins to spin. The heart rises to awaken just one expectation. But its never you who shows up. Who knows where you are? Is there anyone to watch over you? To accompany your laughter on unreasonable occasions. And appreciate all the little things you do? To silently take care of things that are to be taken care of by you.

The neat, other side of the bed calls out to me. Gazes at me. Questions me for its unattended condition. Dusk arrives from nowhere and disappears somewhere. It brings with it however, the significance of a million existing pretty lights. The town evolves in them for a while before dawn fades out their presence. The nothingness in everything around me is disturbing.  The bedroom bulb has refused to glow since the day you left. The cat often has to hunt for its meals and has grown thinner. And I have explosions in my head sometimes while doing the laundry. So, this is it for now. Wish you were here. Take care of yourself, kitty. So long.

Forever yours-
*Gioope Epi*

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During a downpour

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The significance of each motion came alive. Nobody seemed influenced by the rush that constantly encumbered us otherwise. “Have I set foot on a wrong platform?”, I asked myself. Nothing was is stagnation, yet every moment nestled in the nursery of motion. Each need began to reveal its reason of completion. A melodic storm prevailed the head. Silence was a mystic luxury. Though when it tolled, it was majestic and grand. Horrifying at times. It was difficult to determine the nature of situations. Or may be it was just too much work.

Sloth fed the body and the body readily devoured on what was to be offered. Agreeing to somber pacts made between the soul and the body. The sound of the outside seemed to get washed out now. I peered through the drapes. It was a rain. A rain of thoughts, of visions and bright avenues. The sight was very inviting. Being there could be a pleasure. Or it could be devastating. It might harvest the myriad of thought that are waiting to be plucked and set free. Or get trampled by the intense rush of the land.

Could the risk be taken? Should the risk be taken? Was it worth the risk?

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Its a beautiful night for a nap

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Flowing on the sheets like a river of silk
Your tresses beat the night
Engrossed in an unknown thought
The room is immersed in silence and your light

The closure of four walls contain your body
But hardly can they bind your thoughts
Of the battles waging within
And the worldly battles that have been fought

Fly away, you dreamer
Its a beautiful night for a nap
Make the most of it
Choose a direction and not a map

A thousand faces to turn to
Yet not a single shoulder to weep
A thousand jingles to rejoice upon
Yet not a single melody to dig down deep

Make mistakes and make them again
Discover all kinds of fall
For therein lies the secret
Of rising again to stand tall

Fly away, you dreamer
Its a beautiful night for a nap
Make the most of it
Choose a direction and not a map

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Promises of my share

Posted by saadhak131 in Apr 16, 2013, under Post transfiguration

Serenity, the only attire of the night

Lost in the sable revulsions begotten

Behold the ones walking into the black light

Before they are forgotten

Fondle with the vicious gale

As you cast away your sorrow

Drench in the rains that prevail

Before you’re wiped out tomorrow

Will the morning ever overflow

In the profound melodies of the floyd

Forever it would be for you to know

The deception between sins and joys

Someday, with the fading lights I too will fade

Leaving behind thoughts in free air

And the air would caress you in the shade

Keeping the promises of my share

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Somewhere in time

Posted by saadhak131 in Apr 16, 2013, under Post transfiguration

Blank face on the windowpane

Scattering fragments of life

The stary skies are never the same

I’ve seen those unending nights

Thoughts of a distant demise

Slow, unrelenting and grave

Drenching in the hope of life

By the spirit of the brave

There is no pain in seperation

Just an unusual haunting

To forsake the grooves of relation

Amid the silence ever daunting

Let silence be the only promise ever kept

And joyful be the tears ever kept

Remember me and these words of mine

As I fade somewhere in time

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Wilderness blues

Posted by saadhak131 in Apr 16, 2013, under Post transfiguration

Silence hosts the evening,

And darkness raises a toast.

Fireflies from an orphaned land appear,

And the gleam indicates the approach.

The night is young, young and cold,

And the endless river of its glistening flow.

Many a secrets to be told,

Many quests to unfold.

The leaves rustle the perfect symphony,

Romancing with the air.

A distant fire sprinkles warmth around,

While the moon serves each guest its share.

A forlorn floyd sings while a blackbird mourns,

Emanating the wilderness blues.

The former with nothing to gain,

And the latter with nothing to lose.

A sheepish rain takes over and departs,

And then gallant day-break.

The floyd disappears and the blackbird seeks another refuge,

The leaves now covered with snowflakes.

The silence died and the moon escaped,

And the distant fire is gone.

All attendants disappear somewhere,

Only the river still goes on.

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